Copernicus Consulting provides a variety of social research methods for design, communications, and marketing. We have over 15 years’ experience using, observing, analyzing and living on the Web. Unlike most research firms, we truly understand the digital environment and technological product design.

Research design: We develop robust and artful research designs that are specifically tailored to uncover insights our clients need. We enthusiastically embrace this process and educate clients on how to make their own research design decisions.


Ethnography: Field-based research including home, office, and mobile (e.g., in the car; “shop alongs”) locations. We observe, photograph and video people in their natural environments to discern what kinds of designs or messages might resonate with them.

In-depth interviewing: We provide one-on-one or dyad interviewing, often along with ethnographic methods. We plough through the volumes of qualitative data to provide specific actionable insights for designs or messages.

Facilitation: Many of our clients enjoy working through data analysis with us. We welcome this opportunity to involve our clients and have many tools to structure productivPost-it notese group sessions.

Training: We also train our clients to be more autonomous, better equipped, and more knowledgeable than before we met them. Training has included: ethnographic field training, interviewing skills, observation skills, data analysis skills, creativity tools, and structured forms of brainstorming.

Focus groups: We have experience moderating focus groups of up to 10 people.

Usability testing: We can guide clients through their first usability test, right from designing the interview guide to moderating the session. Our experience in user experience design is particularly useful here.

Surveys: We have many years experience developing survey instruments and project managing launching them online. Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis is included in survey work. This is particularly fruitful when coupled with previous qualitative exploration.

Web analytics: We provide specific measurement plans and Key Performance Indicator development for clients who wish to use their Web site as another site of social data collection. We have experience with project managing analytics implementations and have many contacts with technical expertise.